Herb Teas

Global Uni Madison is now growing, drying and blending a number of herbs together to make 3 delicious herb teas. In in our organic gardens at the Tao Sangha Center we grow 3 mints ( chocolate mint, licorice mint and peppermint ), sage, and lemon balm. These are combined with store bought organic chamomile, lemon grass and oatstraw. Our main ingredient, love.....is continually cultivated in the heart.
We hope you like our 3 humble little teas.

In reusable pint glass jars for ΒΌ hour.+ $ 4.00
Licorice Mint
Mint Sage blend
Chocolate Mint blend

The proceeds go to support children's education in Bangladesh and homeless families in transition. Thank you!

Herb Teas
Herb Teas

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