Membership Meeting

May 15 2013 19:00

Weds, May 15 - 7pm
Willy Street Coop East Community Room
1221 Williamson St.

A meeting to discuss and vote on a proposal initiated by the Board of Directors to dissolve the Madison Hours Cooperative and transfer our assets and programs to the Dane County Timebank. We have been working closely with the Dane County Time Bank over the past two years to develop a plan to better integrate our systems. With paid staff and an active community of members we believe this is the best way to preserve and expand the Hours system.

The complete text of the proposal is here:

In order to facilitate the widest possible participation in this decision, the Board voted at our April meeting to renew all memberships so that all members are eligible to vote.

The Board also voted to allow absentee ballots for this proposal. All members will be mailed a copy of the proposal and a mail back ballot. We will use the most recent address we have on file. The mail back card also has space for comments.

There will be time at the meeting for discussion before a vote is taken. We encourage everyone to come and participate.

Here are the Madison Hours Cooperative By-laws:

Vote results

The vote at the membership meeting was unanimous in favor of the proposal to dissolve Madison Hours and transfer the Hours program to the Dane County Timebank.

The Hours Board of Directors has met once since then and developed a timeline to complete this process by the end of 2013.

The Madison Hours currency will continue to circulate and will be supported with no interruption.

More details will be posted here as they are worked out.