Bylaws Change Proposal to Increase the Number of Directors

We will be voting on this at our May membership meeting. Details will be posted when the meeting time and place have been confirmed.


Bylaws Change Proposal

Title: Increase in Number of Directors

Date: April 19, 2012

Sponsor: Current Madison Hours Board

Summary: The Madison Hours Board is proposing that Article V, Section 2 of the group's bylaws, which stipulates the number of Board members, be changed. Currently, the bylaws state that the number of directors “shall be five.” We are proposing that this be re-articulated as a maximum of nine (9).

Text of Proposal: In place of “There shall be five directors,” substitute: “There shall be no more than nine (9) directors.”

Alternatives to Proposal: Leave number of directors as is, or propose a different number.

Background: Madison Hours has been somewhat unusual among organizations for requiring a specific number of directors and for keeping that number so small. This has had the advantage of making the Board a manageable size and promoting efficiency in decision-making.

Pros: A larger number of directors would enable us to expand input from the community and better coordinate with other modalities of local exchange. It would increase our capacity for input, imaginative energy and ruminating power. Since the Board is very much a “working” one, it would also insure that we've enough person-power to execute the necessary tasks of the Co-op assiduously.

Cons: An increased number of directors may sometimes slow the decision-making process.

Items to Consider: Increasing the possible number of directors in no way insures a greater number of directors be elected; recruitment of additional directors may be needed. The minimum number of directors, as stipulated by Wisconsin laws governing cooperatives, would remain three (3).